5 Neighbourhoods of London you must stroll through!

As I declared in my previous blog about London – ‘London Attractions not to be missed’ that I love this city. There is more to enjoy when you are covered all your tourist attractions. Here in this blog, I am listing best of London’s neighbourhood which you have to walk through when you are in the city.


Because this is no questions asked the heart of London.


Enclosed between some of the busiest and craziest streets like Shaftesbury Avenue, Cambridge Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Charing Cross Road, Regent Street and not to forget Oxford Street. Walk them all you will have a great time. Soho has a very wide collection of theatres if you are up for a show some of them being the best of all times – ‘Les Miserables’ at Queen’s Theatre and for the Potter fans ‘Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’.

Also, Soho serves as the original Red Light District of London and has the hottest nightlife options. Some of my favourite bars and pubs I would love you guys to check out would be- Bling Pig, The Vault of Soho, The Light Lounge and Gem. I also like this small pub with amazing interiors called ‘Dog and Duck’, yes that’s its name :). Not to miss in the southern part of Soho lies the ‘Chinatown’ with its narrow and crowded lantern lit streets which offers a variety of affordable food options. Last but not the list an exclusive shopping area is Carnaby Street which has loads of flagship branded stores and independent stores. This area is just next to Oxford Street it’s a kind of cultural food and shopper’s mart with heritage Pubs and shops all around. And after all I have mentioned here, there are still more things to explore more in Soho.



Because of its hush-hush Markets, diverse Art exhibitions and food and ‘Jack – the Ripper’


Though this area was infamous for Whitechapel Murders believed to be committed by Jack the Ripper in 18hundreds. In this part of the century Whitechapel is known for its Art gallery, its fiery food offerings and the St Mary chapel. Do check out the Whitechapel gallery’s art exhibitions one of the best in the city. And also take your time to wander around the bustling Whitechapel market. Though Whitechapel offers a good number of Punjabi and Bangladeshi food joints, the best one would be still standing tall – ‘Tayyabs’. Another point of interest of Whitechapel is the ‘Brick Lane – Street art’ which is hard to miss if you are walking along the Brick lane. So do check this interesting form of art.




Because it is loud and it is tasty!


As soon as you will exit the tube station you will be struck by Camden counter culture. There is bass thumping music, there is a canal and there is one of the most happening market ‘Camden Market’ of London. This is an awesome place to enjoy some live music and have some chilled beers with your friends on a Saturday evening. You can enjoy some of the best and cheap food stalls around the Regent’s canal which runs through the Camden Area. Also one of the interesting concept of being in Camden is – ‘People watching’, yes J that’s a thing. You can spot the interesting getups and colourful people in this area. The best Pubs to watch out are – ‘Hawley Arms’, ‘Lock Tavern’ and ‘Barfly’.

Covent Garden

Because you love to shop!


Being one of the hottest shopping destinations Covent Garden is also a beautiful blend of cafes, theatres and pubs you need for a good weekend. Even if you are not watching the theatre you can definitely enjoy an evening stroll and bustle of this area with street performers and decorations. One of the primary locations in London this area sports some of the best eating options when you feel peckish. Best eating options include ‘Bageriet’, ‘Dishoom’ (my personal favourite), ‘Jamaica Patty Co’ and ‘The Delaunay’.

Some of the interesting attractions in and around Covent Garden to look for are The British Museum, London Film Museum, London transport Museum, Somerset house and St Paul’s Church. Apart from all these just go to Covent Garden for the beautiful vibe of the place and ‘Apple Market’.


Because you need to know your ‘Time’!


Greenwich is the home of the ‘Greenwich Mean Time’ on the bank of the River Thames, and is the place where all of the world’s time was born. Greenwich being recognized as a World Heritage site, is rich in its heritage and architecture. Being not too far from central London, it is an ideal getaway on a sunny day. Here you can stand on the centre of the world’s time (Meridian Line) in the Royal Observatory and take dive into astronomy and history of time being build. This is home for UK’s largest refracting telescope and a 4.5 billion years old asteroid. Second to none is the ‘Cutty Sark’, the last of 19th century tea clippers that sailed from Britain to China. (It’s a big boat for all those who don’t know). Another massive attraction of this place lies in painted Halls and chapel of ‘Old Royal Naval College’ which was originally a palace. If not enough another architectural marvel stands here as the ‘Queen’s House’ with ‘Greenwich Park’ as its garden. The 183 acre Greenwich Park has enormous amount of beautiful walkways and beautiful views of Thames River.

If you have not had enough already one more massive structure is the ‘Millennium Dome’ or what it is now known as the O2, which is the home of the world’s busiest concert hall and this dome shaped structure has 11 movie screens and a music club ‘IndigoO2’, and also an exhibition space. Ah! And you can go to the top of this Dome thingy to catch some of the most breathtaking top views of London’s skyline from the viewing platform. Personal recommendation is go in the evening to see when London starts too lit up!