About Us

‘Travel is addictive,
Life on the road is liberating.
Once you start experiencing it in real,
It is a sense of freedom which you
won’t experience anywhere,
and then you won’t Stop !’

People travel for different reasons may it be about their passion, their escape from some situation or sometimes for family or work.
My reason was to Explore and experience, I travel to explore not to see and that is what I urge other people to do.
When you travel like a tourist, you will always see places only half way, because you will only see what mostly people see or have seen already. Not a wrong way to travel I am sure but you should always try to get a unique experience of the place that will remain with you like photographs in your memories.

Hi, I am Rahul and this is the warehouse, where it all starts – Explorer’s Warehouse !

Travel for me was always an integral part of life as it drives me to do different things,  see different places, meet new people and even expand my understanding about Life, people and places. (Trust me it does!)

How It all started ?

I am originally from Delhi, capital city of India. Its a beautiful, colorful and cultural city in itself. This is the place which always is with me wherever I have been or wherever I will go next. But sadly, I do not get a lot of time to visit my home a lot.

After my education (Yes, I am a graduate), I moved to a new city, Bangalore (also in India), where there was my work and don’t be surprised by this but yes – ‘Time’. This ‘Time’, I invested in taking trips firstly to not so far places which gradually increased to long drives going to famous cities for experiencing various forms of nature in Hills, beaches, waterfalls and national parks etc. These few initial runs gave me the spark that this is something that I love. And then there was no looking back.

Lets jump to current day, After taking this exploration task seriously, till now I have traveled uncountable places in India itself and apart from India there are countries like Thailand, Bhutan, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium where I have traveled, stayed and experienced. I have flown thousands of miles, drove to different cities and even across countries, slept in all different sorts of places (including train stations), tried a lot of different foods and drinks, made a lot of friends and most importantly learned more about travelling.

And yea, currently I am found somewhere in India !

It is my mission to urge more people to travel, explore and experience new places. And along this journey, help all of You, with useful information and insights of places I have personally been to and explored.

Join us in the never – ending exploration. And may be, we will cross paths somewhere on this big ball called Earth ! 🙂


Thanks for visiting ! Hope you have a good experience.


Rahul Sharma

The First Explorer @Explorer’s Warehouse