London Attractions Not to be missed !

Why I love London?

London is indeed a lovable city, may be its the Thames river banks, London Eye, Big Ben or maybe it’s the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus and amazing bars and pubs in the night or may be it is just the people and cult culture all around this city with great music, art, museums etc. I am still figuring out that question myself 🙂

London, itself is a very big city to explore in a few days. So here I am listing my favourite spots which amaze tourist all-round the year and these should be on top of your to-do lists. These six places are ideal for starting the exploration of London on your first and second day.

Trafalgar Square


This is a ‘not to miss’ place when you are on a stroll of London, not a fortune to needed to spend some time here both in means of time and money. This is a great place to meet up your friends or travelling groups as you start exploring London. Trafalgar square is considered to be exact centre of London, and is surrounded by many famous buildings, museums and galleries – ‘The National gallery’ being the most important one, it is just overlooking the square. You will find many groups of street artists performing at all times of days and of course – ‘Pigeons’ and ‘Gravity defying Yodas’. Trafalgar square is a guarded by a 145ft high monument bearing a statue of ‘Lord Horatio Nelson’ which has the iconic big Lions beneath the pillar.

Indeed a great place to take those customary selfies and some great shots if you are in a group. Trafalgar square can be best reached with a small walk from Charing Cross Underground station. And if you should try the ‘Café on the Square’ right on the edge of Trafalgar square, it offers choice of food and drinks.

Tower Bridge


One of the oldest and most iconic bridges in London is the ‘Tower Bridge’. And not to forget is mostly confused or called as ‘The London Bridge’. So folks, piece of info – “London Bridge and Tower Bridge are not the same”.

 Tower Bridge is the world’s most famous combined bascule and suspension bridge and was built in 1884 – 1894, this is an ideal walkway to enjoy crossing the Thames River flowing below. You will enjoy a splendid view of the city on either side of the bridge at every time of the day (My ideal time would be just before sunset). If you want you can enjoy the Tower bridge exhibition on the top of this bridge and there are two ‘Glass walkways’ with a splendid view beneath and the magnificent Victorian Engine rooms.

Tower Bridge can be best reached from a short walk from its own London Bridge underground Station. Close to the Tower bridge is you will find the ‘Tower of London’ which is also happens to be one of London’s most famous landmark as well.

For more information and tickets for Tower Bridge exhibition visit:

Big ben and Houses of Parliament


This is without any question the most iconic thing of London which most people recognise the city of London from. ‘The Elizabeth Tower’ which is popularly known as ‘The Big Ben’. Big Ben is officially the name of the great bell on the top of Elizabeth tower. The tower is situated on the north end of the palace of Westminster or the ‘Houses of Parliament’ of England.

This is one of the famous spots of London where you will find hundreds of people on the adjacent streets of Westminster area. You have to take the view of Big Ben from all corners not to miss the selfies with the tower. The best time to visit is either a sunny day or just before the sunset. My best view of the whole palace of Westminster is from the top of the ‘London Eye’ which is just on the opposite side of the ‘Westminster Bridge’ (Just adjacent to the Big Ben you will find an overcrowded bridge called as so.)

Big ben is hard to miss when you exit the Westminster Underground station.

For more information and tickets please visit:

London eye


From the ‘Big Ben’ you can just walk across the bridge and see one of the latest additions to the London’s iconic things – ‘The London Eye’. This is a giant Ferris wheel on the south bank of the River Thames. It is also known as the ‘Millennium Wheel’ and is Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel at 443 ft. Indeed this is also the most popular paid tourist attraction of London. But I can guarantee that paying and going for the ride of London Eye will be a worthy and great experience.

The London Eye offers breathtaking views of city of London which are even better when taking a giant Ferris wheel ride in a big pod. Apart from the ride of London Eye, this is also one my personal favourite views in London when this giant wheel lights up in different colours and patterns in the night.

Adjacent to the London Eye ticket office you will find some of the other attractions such as ‘The London Dungeon’, ‘Sea Life London Aquarium’ and ‘Shrek’s adventure’. Apart from these things what my suggestion would be taking a river cruise from the London eye, this is a pretty awesome cruise where you can see all the bridges, and other monuments on the banks of Thames River.

For more information and booking the tickets visit:

Westminster abbey


Westminster Abbey or what this is formally known as ‘Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster’, is a large Gothic church in the city of Westminster. This great piece of history and gothic art is also a coronation church and the final resting place of many of Monarchs.

The entry to this place is bit pricey but the experience is like no other if you are an art of history enthusiast. Another experience if you are interested is attending the service in this historic beauty. But the tours are not being operated during the service timings so be aware of that as well.

You can check the service times on:

Buckingham palace


Buckingham Palace is located in the city of Westminster and serves as both the London residence and the administrative headquarters of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, the Queen of England. This is one of the few remaining working royal palaces in the world. If you want to enjoy the glory of Buckingham palace there are two major ways –

 First is the palace tour which includes the history of the palace along with the grand tour of this gigantic building. In this tour you can enjoy the views of ‘The Queen’s gallery’ and ‘The state rooms’.

And second is the ‘Change of Guard’, which is one of the oldest and most recognizable ceremonies of Buckingham palace. Official name of the ceremony is ‘Guard Mounting’ and this happens every day at 11.30 am. Where you can enjoy the sight of guards in their traditional uniforms and ‘bear skin’ hats.

Buckingham palace have enormous gardens all around the palace open to public where you can spend some time on a sunny morning after the ‘Change of Guard’. Also click pictures with the iconic ‘Victoria Memorial’. You can walk to Buckingham palace from a number of underground stations, but I would suggest to take a walk from either Westminster Underground station or the Victoria Station.

 For more information on tours and tickets please visit:

The next consolation place is for the people who want to explore even in the night.

Piccadilly Circus

Located at the junction of the five busiest streets this famous landmark ‘Piccadilly circus’, is blazed with neon lightings and big screens the surrounding buildings. This is a popular market area for starting your night outs or for regular drinks and dinner. Take a walk from Piccadilly Circus towards Leicester Square and you will find a lot of places to eat, casinos, theatres and people performing on streets (even dancing). Also check out the ‘China town’ just on the adjacent street.


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